From the recording Death on the Beach

Tracked/Mixed/Produced by Maryam Qudus at Tiny Telephone Oakland
Mastered by Matthew J. Barnhart at Chicago Mastering Service
Artwork by Darian Costa


Hey baby, no need to play me
I've been thinking lately
we should visualize
all the lost time

Hey lady, no need to say it
We've been thinking maybe
we should call the time
it's ten to nine

Don't believe in
teenage dreams
Fake romance is
on the screen

I can't see what was
in front of me, now
There's been a
death on the beach

Thunderbirds and killer queen
This must be the
place we've been
High waist jeans and disco themed
Sci-fi sheik and bourgeoisie
You and me might
make a scene
If we keep singing
songs like these