It Wont Take Long is the newest LP from Bay Area oddities The Mutilations. 4 years in the making, the album is a surreal, psycho-tropical trip into the absurd. The Mutilations expand on the island-grooving, garage rocking roots of their first LP to create a sonic odyssey where the only constant is change.

Parodying elements of psychedelic Dream Pop, Doom Metal, Surf Rock, Retro Soul, Bossa Nova, Country and more, It Wont Take Long wafts into the mind like a chilling breeze from some distant shore.

Whether you’re in the Amazon van, on the assembly line, or in Margaritaville, the highs and lows of this 45-minute trip are sure to leave you unsure if you’re feeling mellowed out or terrified—but you’ll be groovin anyway.

Recorded/Produced by Maryam Qudus | Mastered by Matthew J. Barnhart at Chicago Mastering Service 

The Mutilations Cinematic Universe


"Death on the beach" out now

San Francisco Bay Area trio, The Mutilations, release new genre-bending single "DEATH ON THE BEACH," along with 80's horror slasher-inspired music video.

Recorded on tape at John Vanderslice's Tiny Telephone Recording in Oakland, California, the band has crafted an analog oddity, a bossa nova-tinged beach banger reminiscent of "The Beach Boys playing under a highway overpass,” according to their drummer’s mother. 

Recorded/Mixed/Produced by Maryam Qudus at Tiny Telephone in Oakland, CA

Mastered by Matthew J. Barnhart at Chicago Mastering Service


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The Mutilations sleepy and wary in abandoned yacht club. From It Wont Take Long album

The Mutilations are Eric Escobedo, Darian Costa, and Jordan Macapagal. They're childhood friends from San Leandro, California.  They love music, film, comedy and make all three--except, maybe, the last one.  They've been compared to the Beach Boys.

If the Beach Boys were bad at music, and playing under a highway overpass.

But at the end of the day, The Mutilations are an experience. A cult defined by oddity and a DIY philosophy. They produce their own music videos, demos, and merchandise. Hell, they even do their own tik toks. Well Jordan does.